This week has been kind of hectic with final projects and I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday…


Today was filled with class and presentation preparation for my senior design project. I was stressin’ a little before, but when I got up there it felt natural to talk about the project. I think our professor really liked our project too.

After the presentation was over, I was exhausted I got in bed, binged watched YouTube videos and continued my html coding lessons on Codecademy. Kobe was in a snuggling mood so he decided to lay right on top of me haha. If you haven’t figured out that I have THE cutest puppy in the world, check out his instagram for yourself!


Guys! I’m obsessed with Codecademy. One of the projects I got to do is build a “Fashion Blog” from scratch. It was really interesting to see how you can write a simple code to build a website! I think it will definitely be applicable to my blog and I’m interested to see what other projects pop-up along the way.

Are you guys learning any new skills? I always find it interesting to hear what you guys are up to so let me know in the comments!

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